Hey, I'm Nnena

(It sounds like “Nay-nah”)

Back when Game Boys were the handheld must-have and Saturday mornings were all about cartoons, I was just a Midwest kid with some crayons and a wild imagination. Thirty-some-odd years later (and 1,100 miles farther east), Saturday mornings are dedicated to long runs, and I’ve switched from crayons to the Pen Tool. Some things haven’t changed though; I still have a child-like curiosity and I still love making and creating.

Now a proud Philadelphian, I create clean, emotive, and engaging designs for print and digital platforms. Bridging the gap between “how it works” and “what it looks like” is my specialty. I have over seven years of professional experience designing, building, and maintaining websites and marketing emails, as well as creating visually appealing and functional experiences for digital platforms.

I love what I do and enjoy learning at every opportunity. When I’m not knee deep in a new project, I spend an absurd amount of time outside hiking, biking, and kickballing. When the weather is crummy I’ll be at home building, tinkering, being a modern-day MacGyver, and praying to the snow gods for some fresh pow, so my board and I can hit the slopes.

Are ya thinkin’ we’d work well together? I think so too, but there’s only one way to find out. Contact me via the button below!