DIY Driftwood Jewelry Hanger

DIY Driftwood Jewelry Hanger
September 8, 2015

I managed to do a bit of traveling this summer and was able to find driftwood in so many places. I brought back driftwood from the Roaring Fork River (Colorado), the Mississippi River (Minnesota), and from a beach in the Outer Banks (North Carolina).

It wasn’t until I returned from North Carolina that I realized just how much driftwood I collected! What to do with it all? I definitely had driftwood on the brain, thinking about all the projects I could get into, but managed to narrow it down to just a few options.

I normally keep all my necklaces on a single hook on the inside of my closet door but recently discovered it was difficult to keep them organized and untangled. Driftwood jewelry hanger to the rescue! It took all of five minutes (literally) to make this and it cost me under $4.

Total time: 5 minutes

Total cost: $4

One long driftwood branch
8-10 7/8-inch cup hooks
Fishing line

Begin by holding your hands out, palms up, and letting the driftwood sit naturally in your palms. This will determine the “top” and “bottom” of your driftwood and allow for easy hanging.

Decide where you want each hook to go, by marking the “bottom” of the wood with a pencil. Make sure there is enough space in between each so the jewelry doesn’t get tangled. I chose to make mine about two inches apart. Then, simply screw the cup hooks into the wood where each pencil mark is.

Hang the driftwood by tying fishing line to each end and sit back and admire your beautiful work.

*This post originally appeared on my former blog, Kept. While that blog has since retired, all the content transferred is up-to-date and my own.

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